How long do the subscription and redemptions of alternative investments take? (SG)

The time taken for trades to confirm and settle differ from fund to fund.

Generally, underlying alternative funds take up to 6 weeks from trade date to finalise their NAV. Thereafter the fund manager will take an additional 10 business days to calculate the final NAV. 

UOB Kay Hian functions as your broker and custodian.

What do the different statuses on the Endowus platform mean for my alternative investments? 

On the Endowus platform, alternative investments go through different fund statuses.

Status: "Pending"

As there are insufficient funds in your Endowus account, the investment will await funding and will be processed once you've made the relevant cash deposit into your Endowus account. 

Status: "Processing"

The investment is fully funded and will be submitted to the fund house on the trade date.

Status: "Completing"

The investment has been fully funded and submitted to the fund house.  It will remain in this status until the final NAV is calculated and the official contract note is sent to us. This takes about 6 to 8 weeks after the subscription trade date. 

Status: "Completed"

The final contract note is received from the fund house. This note contains all the NAV details of the investment. 

Illustration of Subscription Timeline

Illustration of Redemption Timeline

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