How does Endowus make money?

As an independent fee-only wealth advisor, Endowus is paid only by our clients to ensure that we are always aligned with your best interests. The only fee that we charge is an all-in Endowus Fee, which is based on the value of assets you hold with Endowus, also known as Assets Under Advice (AUA). There are no upfront sales charges or other transaction fees charged.

Many financial advisers, brokers, private banks, and platforms are paid by product providers, such as asset managers, to sell you their products, which we believe creates misaligned incentives to sell higher cost products and churn your positions. We’ve built Endowus to align Endowus’ interests with your own.

How can Endowus charge lower fees than other banks/financial institutions?

Leveraging technology, we reduce the overheads of traditional banks and financial institutions. We believe that investing should be efficient, low-cost and accessible, and use our collective scale to drive down your costs at every level so that you can keep more of your returns and have the highest probability of success of reaching your financial goals.

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