Why is my investment in "pending" status?

A “pending” investment order means that no money has been invested yet. The order is in the queue for investment and it is awaiting for one of the following to happen:

  1. CPFOA / SRS investment - linkage to CPF Investment Account or SRS Account
  2. Cash investment - cash deposit to reach your Endowus account

Once (1) or (2) is completed, the order’s status will become “processing”. Please note that a 'pending' investment order will be automatically cancelled if it is not funded and processed after 7 days.

Pending CPFOA / SRS investment order

A “pending” CPFOA / SRS investment order awaits your CPF Investment Account / SRS Account to be linked to your Endowus account. Please refer to this FAQ page on linking your CPF IA or SRS Account to your Endowus Account.


The linkage takes 2-3 working days to be completed. Once your CPF IA / SRS Account is linked, your investment order will be automatically processed.

Pending Cash investment order

A “pending” cash investment order awaits your cash deposit(s) to appear in your Endowus account. Once your cash deposit reaches your Endowus account, it will be directed to process your Endowus account (see when will cash deposits reach your Endowus account).

If you have multiple pending cash investment orders, we will process your cash investments chronologically (first investment created will be executed first). On your Activity page, the pending order at the bottom has to be the first investment executed.

For example, you have $123 available in your Cash Balance and two pending cash investment orders in your account:


As the $55 555 “Cash Smart 6a” investment order was created before the $123 “General wealth accumulation” investment order, the $55 555 investment order blocks the $123 available in your Cash Balance from being directed to process your $123 investment order. In order to invest $123 into “General wealth accumulation”, you need to either cancel the pending $55 555 investment order OR transfer an additional $55 555 to process the investment order.

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