When will I receive payouts from my distributing portfolios?

For the Endowus Income Portfolios, you will receive the payouts whenever the underlying funds in the Income Portfolio payout distributions.

In general, you can expect to receive payouts on a monthly basis. All funds in the Endowus Income Portfolios pay distributions on a monthly basis, except the FSSA Dividend Advantage Fund (which is included in the Future Income portfolio) which pays dividends on a quarterly basis. The exact payment date varies for each fund, and that means that you may receive payout amounts on different dates in a month.

For the Build-your-own (Fund Smart) portfolios, similar to the Income Portfolios, you will receive the distributions depending on the respective fund's payout schedule. For instance, popular funds like the PIMCO Income and Allianz Income & Growth funds distribute payouts on a monthly basis. 

You can choose to receive the payouts in the Cash Balance of your Endowus account or directly to the bank account that you have linked with your Endowus account for withdrawals

Note: The minimum withdrawal amount to your linked bank account is $10. Payouts less than $10 will be kept in your Endowus cash balance.

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