Should I invest in Endowus Advised Portfolios or Endowus Fund Smart?

Our Investment Office has designed the asset allocation, selected the funds, and optimised the fund allocation for our Advised Portfolios. The Advised Portfolios are globally diversified and optimised for each level of risk, and we believe that they should form the core allocation of your investment portfolio for the long-term. 

The Investment Office will also be monitoring the Advised Portfolios, and will advise clients on appropriate changes to the Portfolios if they feel that there are other funds that can better express our asset allocation views at a lower cost or improve the risk-return profile of the portfolios. These portfolios can also be rebalanced automatically to maintain the portfolio optimization. 

We advise using Fund Smart as a way to complement your existing core investments via our Advised Portfolios. If you want to get additional exposure to certain asset classes, geographies, sectors, themes or factors, you can select the additional funds via Fund Smart. If you are holding certain funds via other platforms, you can also choose to replicate this exposure via Fund Smart by selecting the funds at the lowest cost, and get access to institutional share classes or receive trailer fee rebates of the same funds. Lastly, if you want to customise the fund allocations in our Advised Portfolios to suit your needs and preferences, you can also do this via Fund Smart.

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