How do I know which portfolio suits my needs? (SG)

You may think about your portfolio needs by thinking of three main factors:

  1. Goal 
  2. Source of funds
  3. Timeline


Essentially, you are asking yourself, “What do I want this money to do?”. Do you want this bucket of money to grow passively over a period of time? Or perhaps you’re hoping to establish an alternate source of income with this money. Your answers to these questions serve as the foundation upon which you can build an investment portfolio.

Source of funds

With Endowus, you are able to make your cash, CPF and SRS money work for you. There are different portfolios available for each of these fund sources. 


The question “how long can I keep this money invested?” is an easy but helpful one. This would determine your risk appetite for this bucket of money as well as the type of portfolio that is suitable for it. 

Once you’ve worked through these 3 starting questions, head over to and pick a portfolio most suited to your needs.

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