What happens to my money when I redeem my CPF portfolio? (SG)

After a CPF redemption order has been confirmed, you should expect to receive the proceeds in your CPF Investment Account in approximately 5-7 business days.

How do redemptions work?

If you confirm your redemption order before 8:30 AM on a business day, we will endeavour to send your order to UOB Kay Hian, our partner broker, for execution within the same day (T). If your order is confirmed after the cut-off time, it will generally be sent to UOB Kay Hian the following business day.

How and when are the redemption proceeds credited back to my CPF-OA?

Once your fund redemption request is complete, the proceeds will be credited back to your CPF-IA account. 

If you have not had any transactions for 2 consecutive months, your CPF-IA the agent bank will automatically transfer the cash balance from your CPF-IA to your CPF-OA. 

Alternatively, you can request for the agent bank to transfer the funds to your CPF-OA at any time.

Are there any redemption fees or penalties?

Endowus does not charge any transaction fees or penalties for redemptions. 

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