How can I invest my CPF-OA monies with Endowus? (SG)

Here are steps to make CPF-OA investments with Endowus:

  1. Complete the CPF Self-Awareness Questionnaire
  2. Open a CPF Investment Account with an agent bank
  3. Look up your CPF Investment Account number and link it to your Endowus account
  4. Start investing your CPF-OA monies

A CPF Investment Account (CPF-IA) is necessary to invest the monies in your CPF Ordinary Account. Investing your CPF-OA monies with Endowus can be done entirely online seamlessly - from creating your CPF Investment Account (CPF-IA), to linking your CPF-IA to Endowus and investing your CPF-OA monies in our globally diversified, low-cost portfolios.

Step 1: Complete the CPF Self-Awareness Questionnaire

The CPF Investment Scheme Self-Awareness Questionnaire (CPFIS SAQ) contains 20 multiple-choice questions with no pass score.

Login with SingPass to complete CPFIS SAQ

Step 2: Open a CPF Investment Account with an agent bank

There are 3 agent banks which you can open a CPF-IA account with: UOB, DBS or OCBC. We recommend that you open a CPF IA with an agent bank which you have an existing banking relationship with.


  1. You can open a CPF-IA with UOB completely online by clicking here. (Note: Recommended to use Google Chrome for applying with MyInfo.)


  1. If you are an existing DBS/POSB customer, please complete this online application here.

  2. If you do not have a DBS/POSB account, please open an Account with DBS/POSB here.


  1. Apply via logging into your existing OCBC online banking here.
  2. Apply at any OCBC branch and bring along the following documents (Click here for more information):
    • NRIC (Singaporeans & PRs) 
    • Print-out of CPFIS SAQ status
    • One of the following documents: Phone bill / Half-yearly CPF statement / Any bank statement

Step 3: Look up your CPF Investment Account number and link it to your Endowus account

Find your CPF-IA number and link it to your Endowus Account. Log in to your account on a desktop browser > Go to Linked Accounts > CPF Investment Account. Under CPF Investment Account, you can click on 'Link Account' and input your CPF-IA details. The linkage should be completed within 1 business day.

Step 4: Start investing your CPF-OA monies

After you receive an email confirming that your CPF-IA is linked to your Endowus account, you can start making CPF-OA investment orders in your Endowus Account (we will directly withdraw funds from your CPF OA to fund your investment order). 

You'll first need to create an CPF-OA investment goal. Please click on this link to learn how. 

If you've already created an CPF-OA investment goal and would like to make a one-time investment or create a recurring investment to this goal, please refer to this link

As a CPFIS Registered Investment Administrator in Singapore, our broker partner UOB Kay Hian can draw the investment amount directly from your CPF-IA and CPF-OA to process your CPF-OA investments. If there are insufficient funds in your CPF-IA, we will draw from your CPF-OA balance. 

* It is important to remember that any returns you get from investing your CPF-OA monies will go back to your CPF OA.

** Please ensure sufficient funds for investing. If your investment order is rejected due to insufficient funds, the Agent Bank will charge you a fee for processing unsuccessful transactions.

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