How can I invest my SRS monies with Endowus? How do I link my SRS account to my Endowus Account? (SG)

Step 1: Open a SRS Account with an agent bank

You can open an SRS account with UOB, DBS or OCBC. 

Step 2: Look up your SRS Account number and link it to your Endowus Account

Find your SRS Account number by logging into your internet banking account with the agent bank.

Log in to your account on a desktop browser > Go to Linked Accounts > SRS Account. Under SRS, you can click on 'Link Account' and input your SRS details. The linkage should be completed within 1 business day. 

Note: You can only link your SRS Account after we have processed your Endowus account application.

Step 3: Invest your SRS monies

After you receive an email confirming that your SRS Account is linked to your Endowus Account, you can start making SRS investment orders in your Endowus Account (we will directly withdraw funds from your SRS Account to fund your investment order).

To start investing your SRS through Endowus, you'll just need to link your SRS account with your Endowus account. No transfer of funds is needed, we will liaise with your SRS bank there after to make the investments.

You'll first need to create an SRS investment goal. Please click on this link to learn how. 

If you've already created an SRS investment goal and would like to make a one-time investment or create a recurring investment to this goal, please refer to this link


If you wish to update your linked SRS Account, please send a screenshot that contains your name and new SRS Account details to .

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