How does Two-Factor Authentication (2-FA) work for my Endowus account and what do I need to know? (SG)

2-FA Upon Login

From 4 April 2022, Endowus is implementing a SMS One-Time Password (OTP) for account login via our mobile app and web app. The new feature will enhance the security of each Endowus account.

After entering your login credentials (user email address and password) on a new mobile device or web browser, you will receive a SMS OTP. Once you have entered the OTP, you will be able to access your Endowus account.

Please note that a SMS OTP is required when you login on an unrecognised mobile device or web browser. Mobile device or web browser recognition lasts for a period set by Endowus.

If you lose your mobile device or think that your Endowus account has been compromised, please kindly contact as soon as possible so that we can take the appropriate action to secure your Endowus account.

2-FA for account activities 

When you make investment/redemption orders or changes in your Endowus account, you are required to enter a OTP (sent via SMS) for confirmation.  

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