Will I receive dividends or interest income? (SG)

Most of the funds on Endowus are accumulation share class funds. This means any distributions received from the underlying securities will be automatically kept or reinvested within the fund/funds. There are no additional charges or fees. This allows you to compound your distribution returns as long as you stay invested.

For distribution share class funds, you have the flexibility of choosing to have distributions:

  1. Deposited into your Endowus cash balance,
  2. Withdrawn to your bank account (for Cash investments), or
  3. Be automatically reinvested at no cost (for Cash/CPF/SRS investments)

(Please note that only distributions of $1 and above will be automatically reinvested, distributions below $1 will be deposited to your Uninvested Cash Balance in your Endowus Account. For the Endowus Income Portfolios, distributions below $10 will be credited to your Uninvested Cash Balance, and not withdrawn to your linked bank account.)

This choice depends on your individual circumstances and need for cash distributions to supplement your cash flows. 

In the event that you have fully redeemed your portfolio and are due to receive the distribution for the portfolio, we will credit the distribution proceeds to your Uninvested Cash Balance in your Endowus Account or your CPF Investment Account/SRS account accordingly.

How do I change my payout preference?

To change the payout preference of your distributions, you may select your goal with distribution share class funds and select "Change" under "Payout Preference. 


Thereafter, you'll be able to select how you would like to receive your payouts and confirm your choice via SMS.



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