What is the difference between Endowus Flagship, ESG and Factors portfolios? (SG)

The key differentiator for the Factors Portfolio is the purely factor-based investing process that is implemented systematically by Dimensional. While the Flagship Portfolio has some Dimensional funds included in the portfolio, it also has purely passive funds for equities and some actively managed funds for fixed income, and is designed to more passively track the global indexes. The Factors Portfolio also offers broad market exposure, but with quantitative and rules-based tilts towards proven factors of returns.

The Endowus Factors Portfolio, like Flagship and ESG, is a Core offering designed by the Endowus Investment Office as a multi-asset portfolio across the equities and fixed income risk spectrum. All Core offerings provide investors with a broad global market exposure that is commensurate with the broadest industry benchmark indexes. These are the MSCI All Country World Index (ACWI) for equities and the Bloomberg (Barclays) Global Aggregate Index for fixed income. The Factors Portfolio is also managed on a discretionary basis by the Endowus Investment Office.

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