Why is the target asset allocation for my CPF portfolio different from my other investments working towards this goal?

With Endowus you can invest your cash, CPF, and SRS savings together towards one goal.

Should you utilise different types of monies, you may notice different underlying fund allocations for each type of money. Endowus pursues highly efficient portfolios for every money-type (cash, CPF, SRS), which may have different available investible funds.

An example of this is CPF OA money, which can only be invested in a specific list of funds, which can be found here.

Hypothetically, you have a “Save for life” goal with a target asset allocation of 60% stocks and 40% bonds. You are using both your SGD cash and CPF OA monies to invest in this goal. Though both your SGD cash and CPF OA savings are investing towards the same goal and risk-level, the underlying funds may be different. For example:

SGD cash
ABC Stock Fund 60%
BCD Bond Fund 40%

XYZ Stock Fund 30%
YYZ Stock Fund 30%
ZZZ Bond Fund 40%


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