Why did you choose PIMCO?

Who is PIMCO?

PIMCO is one of the world's premier fixed income investment managers managing $1.77 trillion in assets for central banks, sovereign wealth funds, public and private pension funds, corporations, foundations and endowments, and individual investors. Launched in 1971, PIMCO introduced investors to a total return approach to fixed income investing. They have continued to bring innovation and expertise to their partnership with clients seeking the best investment solutions. Today, PIMCO has over 725 investment professionals and 240 portfolio managers in 12 offices around the globe united by a single purpose: creating opportunities for investors in every environment. PIMCO's time-tested process combines their top-down global outlook with extensive bottom-up security analysis and risk management that has been tested in virtually every market environment.

Why did you choose PIMCO?

PIMCO is a leader in the fixed income investment space, and has a distinctive top-down, bottom-up investment process that has evolved over decades and been tested in virtually every market environment. PIMCO conducts exhaustive research and analysis to continuously evaluate the world’s changing risks and opportunities, from broad economic trends to individual securities. Their aim is to deliver forward-looking solutions that maximise the possibilities for their clients.

PIMCO believes there is nothing more important than the partnership with their clients. Markets don’t stand still and neither do they, innovating to build solutions to meet investors’ evolving needs. PIMCO is invested in helping clients achieve what they set out to accomplish. Every quarter, their investment professionals around the world gather to identify the trends that will drive the global economy and markets. This macroeconomic outlook informs all PIMCO portfolios. The Investment Committee distil their outlook and current events into specific investment themes and risk factor targets.

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