How do I create a foreign currency portfolio? (SG)

We offer investment options for AUD, CHF, EUR, GBP, USD. You are able to directly access these via your Endowus account.

The minimum initial investment amount for a foreign currency portfolio is 100. For subsequent investments, the minimum amount is also 100.

Creating your foreign currency goal

Simply log in to your Endowus account via a desktop browser > Click on “Add goal” (located on the left sidebar) > Select “Select your own funds”. > Set Goal Name > Create your Fund Smart Portfolio

    • Select Goal Type: Mid to long-term investing / Short-term cash management
    • Select Funding Source: Cash
    • Select your Loss Tolerance Assessment level
    • Click the currency filter on the right side of the screen and select the relevant foreign currency
    • Select up to 8 Funds: Fund name - XXX, Allocation - XXX%
    • Enter initial investment amount

Accept the acknowledgment (if you agree with it) > Confirm by SMS (if you want to create the investment order now) > Your first investment order will be created immediately upon SMS confirmation.

Find out more about our Fund Smart foreign currency portfolios here.

Deposit instructions
These deposit instructions can be seen on your Endowus account under Invest | Redeem | Transfer > Deposit Cash > Bank Transfer > Currency Filter > relevant foreign currency. 

You can transfer your relevant foreign currency from a bank account in your own name to your Endowus account. Please kindly check with your bank about the fees incurred from the transfer.

For Telegraphic Transfer:
Bank: HSBC - Corporate
Bank Swift Code: HSBCSGSGXXX
Account Name: UOB KAY HIAN P L - TRUST A/C
Account Number: You may find this number in your Endowus app

Please note that you may incur telegraphic transfer charges for foreign currency transfers into an overseas bank account. Your agent bank may also have corresponding bank charges for transfers.

For Cheque Deposit:

Bank: HSBC - Corporate

Front of Cheque:
Account Name: UOB Kay Hian P L - Trust A/C
Back of Cheque:
USD Account Number: You may find this number in your Endowus app

For cheque deposits, after you've deposited the cheque please send a copy of the front and back of your cheque to for verification and tracking purposes. 

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