How do I transfer cash to my Endowus account? (SG)

Together with our partner broker UOB Kay Hian, we have implemented a new virtual account solution to simplify the process of transferring money to your Endowus account.

Every Endowus client now has a unique Virtual Account Number (VAN), which helps our systems identify and reconcile your transactions quickly and accurately within UOB Kay Hian’s client trust account at HSBC. Your money will continue to be held in the name of UOB Kay Hian, the custodian operating the account. Your financial assets remain segregated from UOB Kay Hian and Endowus’ monies.

You can only transfer money from a bank account in your own name. If no further verification is needed for your deposit, you may expect your deposit to appear in the Cash Balance of your Endowus account within 1 business day.

Where can I find the deposit instructions for Bank Transfers and PayNow?

Web: Click here, or Log in to the Endowus web application > Invest | Redeem | Transfer > Deposit Cash

: Log in to the Endowus mobile application > Transfers > Deposit Cash

Deposit via PayNow

There are 2 ways to fund your account with PayNow.

  1. Enter UOB Kay Hian’s Unique Entity Number (UEN). Then enter your unique virtual account number in the Reference Number field. Please note that UOB Kay Hian UEN has been updated to 197000447WYYY from November 9, 2021.*
  2. Scan the PayNow QR code, which already includes your unique Virtual Account Number

You can find the detailed deposit instructions in your Endowus App on the Web or on Mobile, as shared in the section above. 

*Please note: You must be able to input all 13 characters in the input field for your transaction to go through. Some banks have a character limit in the input field; please ensure that all 13 characters are reflected correctly before making your transfer. Otherwise, please deposit your money via bank transfer or PayNow instead. 

Deposit SGD from an HSBC bank account

If you are transferring money from a HSBC bank account, please follow the instructions below:

  • Payee type: Local Non-HSBC accounts (in SGD only)
  • Payee name: UOB KAY HIAN P L - Trust A/C
  • Account number: Your unique Virtual Account Number
  • Name of institution: HSBC (Corporate)

Note: this instruction is only applicable to SGD transfers from HSBC bank accounts. If you are depositing foreign currency from HSBC bank accounts, please reach out to us for more information.


Unable to find ‘HSBC - Corporate’ as the bank on my bank transfer page

Please try searching for “Hongkong & Shanghai Banking Corp - Corporate” or “Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited, Singapore Branch”. You can also verify that it’s the correct entity by checking the SWIFT BIC, which should be HSBCSGSGXXX.

Here is what is listed by some banks in Singapore:


Deposit foreign currencies

While most of our funds are either SGD-hedged or SGD-denominated, we offer investment options for AUD, CHF, EUR, GBP, and USD. 

You can enable foreign currency use in one of the following ways:

  1. Create a Fund Smart portfolio in foreign currency. You may find the instructions here.
  2. Convert SGD to foreign currency on the mobile app (refer here)

After your Endowus account is enabled for use with the relevant foreign currency, you will have a unique VAN to receive your foreign currency deposits and you can directly deposit your foreign currency into the VAN. Please refer to the Deposit Cash page for the instructions to make foreign currency deposits. 

Please use the following address details for your transfer: 

Please contact if you encounter any issues creating your foreign currency portfolio.

For Telegraphic Transfer:

  • Bank: HSBC - Corporate
  • Bank Swift Code: HSBCSGSGXXX
  • Account Name: UOB KAY HIAN P L - TRUST A/C
  • Account Number: You may find this number in your Endowus app

Please note that you may incur telegraphic transfer charges for foreign currency transfers into an overseas bank account. Your agent bank may also have corresponding bank charges for transfers.

For Cheque Deposit (at a HSBC branch):

Front of Cheque
Account Name: UOB Kay Hian P L - Trust A/C

Back of Cheque
Account Number: You may find this number in your Endowus app – please ensure that you have selected the correct currency. 

After you've deposited the cheque at any HSBC branch, please send a copy of the front and back of your cheque to for verification and tracking purposes. 

Can I transfer funds via Wise or Revolut?

Yes, you'll be able to transfer funds into your Endowus account via Wise or Revolut. 

After you've made a transfer, please send a copy of the receipt to and we'll work to match the deposit. 

Can I transfer funds from third-party payment facilities (e.g. Citi PayAll, iPayMy, CardUp, etc)?

We are unable to accept fund transfers from all third-party payment facilities. 

Can I transfer funds from someone else’s bank account?

As part of our Anti-Money Laundering/Combating the Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) policy, we cannot accept deposits transferred from a third party, including bank accounts that belong to your family members and friends. This means that the name on the bank account you are sending from has to match the name on your Endowus account.

Third-party transfers will be rejected, and may take up to 1 month to be returned to the third-party remitter’s bank account.

What if I have transferred cash to the prior UOB bank account?

Since 9 November 2021, Endowus’ bank account has changed from UOB to HSBC - Corporate. Deposits made to the prior UOB bank account will be rejected. If you have deposit cash to the prior UOB bank account, please kindly contact with the following details and we will assist to return the deposit to the remitter’s bank account:

  • Name(s) of bank account holder(s)
  • Deposit date
  • Deposit amount
  • Screenshot of the deposit transaction receipt

Please kindly note that the deposit may take up to 1 month to be returned to the remitter’s bank account from the prior UOB bank account.

Does this change affect my CPF or SRS investments? 

Please note that this change does not affect your existing CPF and SRS investments, or recurring CPF and SRS investment instructions.

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