Where can I see my monthly statements? (SG)

Please login to your Endowus account via a web browser > "Account" > "Documents" to download your statements. 

When your Endowus account is opened, you will receive a "Your SGD Cash Account is ready to invest" email from us. You will also receive two separate emails from UOB Kay Hian (our partner custodian) about your UTRADE account. This UTRADE account is only used for viewing the monthly statements of your Endowus account. The emails from UOB Kay Hian relate to the access of your UTRADE account – one will be in relation to how to log in to your UTRADE account and the other will be in relation to your one-time code.

You may choose to view your monthly statements in either your Endowus account or UTRADE account. Investors can download the same Endowus monthly statements off the UTRADE account. Nonetheless, please note that these statements will only be made available on UTRADE several weeks after they are available on Endowus. For timely access to your monthly statements, please retrieve them directly from your Endowus account.

If you require any assistance with the UTRADE login, or have not received your UTRADE login details, please contact UOB Kay Hian directly:
Hotline: 6536 9338
Email: contact@utrade.com.sg

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