Why do the Income Portfolios have a minimum $10,000 investment requirement? (SG)

The Income portfolios seek to provide meaningful passive income for investors in the form of regular cash payouts. 

Assuming a projected payout of 4% p.a, an investment of $10,000 would payout $400 per year, or $33 per month. Investments less than $10,000 would result in cash payouts that are unlikely to be meaningful in size, and would not meet the operational requirements for distributions. 

Endowus recommends that investors seeking to invest less than $10,000 consider investing in the Core portfolios first. Investors may subsequently consider re-investing in the Income Portfolio when a portfolio size of at least $10,000 is reached.

$10,000 is only the minimum investment amount for your initial  investment order in an Income Portfolio. The minimum amount for subsequent investment orders in the portfolio is $100.

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