What are the Endowus Fees for Private Markets and Hedge Funds? (SG)

The Endowus Fee structure below only applies to private market and hedge fund Investments (available only to Accredited Investors) and is effective from 1 January 2023


Private market or hedge funds Investments Pricing Schedule

The pricing schedule above excludes QuantEdge Global Fund as the fees for this fund are directly offset against the Cashback received from the Fund Manager.


When will I be charged the Private Markets and Hedge funds Endowus Fee?

The Private Markets and Hedge funds Endowus Fee will be charged every quarter.

You will also receive an email with an estimate of the total amount of Endowus fees to be charged for the quarter closer to each fee debit date. 

From 1 January 2024, after determining your Endowus Fee for the quarter based on the assets under advice that you hold, the Private Markets and Hedge funds Endowus Fee will be subjected to a 9% GST charge. Fees that are due before 1 January 2024 will be charged 8% GST. 

For USD Cash investments, kindly note that fees will be charged in the following order:

  1. If you have an available USD cash balance in your Endowus account, we will use it to pay for the Endowus Fee.

    Deposit instructions:
    - Web: Click here, or Log in on a web browser > Invest | Redeem | Transfer > Deposit Cash > Select "USD"
    - Mobile: Log in to the Endowus mobile application > Transfers > Deposit Cash > Select "USD"

  2. If you have SGD cash balance, you may make a conversion to USD on your Endowus mobile app.

Note: Endowus Fee Credits, which are in SGD, cannot be used to offset Endowus Fees for foreign currency investments. Please refer to our FAQ for more detailed instructions.

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