How do I create an private market or hedge fund investment goal?

How do I create a private market or hedge fund goal? 

Once you're an Accredited Investors with us here at Endowus, your Endowus account will have access to the myriad of private market and hedge fund investments available. Here's how to create a new investment that consists of the private market fund or hedge fund you're interested in. 


1. On your Endowus account, Select the "Explore" tab and scroll down till you see the category "Diversify beyond Public Markets"


2. Select the fund of your choice. We've provided some categories to help you better locate the fund of your interest. 


3. Once you've selected the fund you're interested in, you'll see the associated information regarding the fund such as the subscription terms, cut-off dates and fund documents. Select "Buy this fund" to begin investing into this fund. 


4. We've also prepared a quick questionnaire to help you make a suitability check between your investment goals and the risk of the selected fund. If your risk-appetite and the fund's risk level is congruous, you may proceed to make investments into the fund. 

5. Indicate the amount you would like to invest:

6. You're almost there. Review your investments and make the require acknowledgements at the end of the page and select "Confirm my Investment" thereafter. 

7. You're all set! Once the associated currency is deposited into your Endowus account, your investment will be processed for its associated trade date. 

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