Fee change for Cash Management Portfolios from 1 May 2024

Why is Endowus increasing the Endowus Fee for cash management portfolios? 

Against the global backdrop of rising costs, after much deliberation, we have decided to adjust the fees of our cash management offerings, which include cash management goals via Cash Smart and Fund Smart. We hope to continuously innovate and improve our offerings to better serve your needs, and we need to be able to do this in a sustainable way. 

When will this fee change come into effect? 

The fee change will be effective as of 1 May 2024

Fees on cash management portfolios that are due before 1 May 2024 will remain unchanged at 0.05% p.a. 

How will the fee increase impact me? 

From 1 May 2024, the Endowus Fee on Cash Smart and cash management goals via Fund Smart will be adjusted from 0.05% to 0.15% per annum. This applies to all cash management goals including money market funds denominated in USD or AUD. 

As an example, for every $1,000 invested, the increase translates to an additional $1 in fees per annum. 

Endowus clients will continue to receive 100% Cashback on trailer fees. For example, the Fullerton SGD Cash Fund and Lion Global SGD Enhanced Liquidity Fund offer Cashback of 0.08% p.a. and 0.13% p.a. respectively, which reduces overall costs and improves investment returns for Endowus clients.

Which portfolios and funds are affected by the fee change? 

The fee change will only apply to investments that fall under the ‘cash management’ goal type. This will include Cash Smart and funds within the ‘Cash/money market’ asset class category, as outlined in our Investment Funds List

For verified Accredited Investors, you may log in to your Endowus account to view AI-only ‘Cash/money market’ funds under Fund Smart.


What does the Endowus fee encompass? 

The all-in Endowus Fee covers investment advice, portfolio creation and rebalancing, brokerage, and transfers in SGD.

We do not collect any sales commissions and continue to provide 100% Cashback on all trailer fees to you. Our fee-only model means we are only paid transparently and directly by you, so we are always aligned with your interests.

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