How much in fees do I have to pay to invest my CPF? (SG)

CPF Ordinary Account (OA) Portfolios

(1) The Endowus Fee

An access fee paid to Endowus for investment advice, portfolio creation and rebalancing, brokerage, and transfers.

The Endowus Fee is paid per annum based on assets under advice (AUA). 

  • 0.40% flat fee for any amount, for any multi-fund portfolio; and
  • 0.30% flat fee, for any single-fund portfolio.

From 1 April 2023, Endowus has begun charging GST on the Endowus Fees. You may find out more about GST and fee tiers here

* Please note that the Endowus Fee for CPF portfolios will be deducted directly from existing CPF investment portfolios. 

(2) Fund-Level Fee (fund total expense ratio)

Charged by the fund manager out of the underlying fund Net Asset Value (NAV).

* Please note that Endowus will give you 100% Cashback on trailer fees. Read more about trailer fees here.

(3) Agent Bank Charges

These are charges levied by the Agent Bank of your CPF Investment Account (DBS, UOB, OCBC). 

  • Transactions (buy or sell): S$2-S$2.50 per transaction on a portfolio basis. No transaction fee will be charged for switching/rebalancing of portfolio 
  • Service charge: S$2-S$2.50 on a portfolio basis per quarter
  • Rejected trades: $5 to process each unsuccessful transaction (i.e. due to insufficient funds)

* Please note that Agent Bank charges are GST-applicable, and subject to change by the respective Agent Banks. 

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