How do I modify goal or change investment portfolio? (SG)

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To Modify your Goal on a Web Browser: Log in to your Endowus account > click on the goal you would like to modify > Goal Settings (top right) > Modify Goal. 

To Modify your Goal on your Endowus Mobile App: Log in to your Endowus account > click on the goal you would like to modify> Select the three vertical dots on the top right corner of the app > select Modify Goal.

For Endowus Advised Portfolios (including Cash Smart, Core, and Satellite portfolios)

When you change your loss tolerance settings, our system will recommend a new risk-appropriate portfolio to you.



For Fund Smart portfolios

You may make modifications to and/or switch funds within your portfolio via the following steps:

    1. Head over to your fund smart goal > "Goal Settings" > "Modify Goal"
    2. Under "Fund Allocation" you will be able to add to or remove funds from your portfolio
    3. To add a new fund, select "Add Fund"
    4. To remove a fund, select "Remove Fund" and confirm the fund you'd like deleted by selecting the bin icon next to it.
    5. Ensure that the allocation percentages add up to 100%
    6. Confirm your changes by selecting "Confirm by SMS"

Video guide on how to switch funds for Fund Smart portfolios:

How does the goal modification process work?

The goal modification process may take up to 7 working days to complete. During the modification period, you cannot reverse the process and make additional modifications.

  1. Redemption: After you have confirmed the goal modification request, we will first redeem the Funds that are now either removed from the portfolio or overweight to the new target asset allocation.
  2. Investment: Once the redemption is completed and UOB Kay Hian (our partner custodian) receives the proceeds from the redemption, they will re-invest the money into the underweight Funds to bring your portfolio to your new target asset allocation. 

As part of the Endowus automated portfolio rebalancing process, we will also take the opportunity to rebalance your portfolio back to its target asset allocation. 

Please note: If the deviation from the target allocation is less than $100 in value, auto-rebalancing will not be activated.


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