How is Endowus Fund Smart different from a brokerage or a unit trust platform? (SG)

Hand-picked funds
Fund Smart curates a selection of best-in-class funds for you to invest in, unlike other platforms that may offer all available funds and ETFs.  Endowus has done the hard work of screening out most funds from the thousands out there so you get access to the best funds available for that asset class or categories. 


Lower, fairer cost
Fund Smart provides exclusive access to institutional shares class funds where available, otherwise we will use retail share class funds and Endowus will give a 100% Cashback on trailer fees, so that the all-in cost for investing in these funds is the lowest in the industry.  


Intelligent portfolio construction and monitoring
Endowus’ fund research tools calculate historical and projected returns, asset allocation, and look-through of top underlying holdings and exposure for a portfolio to allow investors to make better informed investment decisions. We also rebalance your investments automatically for you if you have more than 1 fund in your Fund Smart portfolio, at no additional cost. Read more about rebalancing here.

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