What do I need to do to make a Unit Trust Transfer to Endowus?

What are unit trust transfers?

Endowus allows you to transfer your mutual fund holdings from your existing financial institutions onto the Endowus Fund Smart platform! Transfers made through this process are free of charge, and as there is no buying and selling of funds, you can maintain the amount of time you have had in the market. You may also save hundreds to thousands of dollars, capitalising on our 100% Cashback on trailer fees.

How do I start this process of transferring my Unit Trust holdings over to Endowus?

  1. Submit your Share Transfer Form and supporting documents
  2. Create individual goals for each fund ISIN via Endowus Fund Smart
  3. During the process you will need to undergo a simple suitability and risk assessment for each goal

We've provided a visual guide below to help you with this:










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